Welcome to FOXER HQ!

Here you can find all links and media for our hard rockin’ good time, super-cool band!

FOXER actually began waaaaay back in August 2012, so we’re fast approaching our 10 year anniversary! (Unless it’s now past that and we haven’t updated the website, if so hope it was a good party?!)

Like all bands we’ve been through the mill, dragged over the coals, fallen down, broken up and got back together. CLASSIC STORY!

Guess what, we’re now better than ever and our latest release is the best we’ve ever done! (insert current single title here)

For the most up to date news please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages, it’s easiest to get in touch and tell us how awesome we are there and we’ll almost definitely respond with a smiley face! or one of these – ^,,^

Hope to catch you at a show somewhere soon!